A good man is hard to find

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Develop an essay that analyzes the characters–The Misfit and The Grandmother–and that focuses on the relationship between these two characters. In this essay you should also examine how this relationship addresses O’Connor’s ideas about Grace.



  • Use CC databases for research
  • Essay must be 5–7 pages
  • Must use at least 4 sources
  • Must use MLA documentation




Overview: An annotated bibliography can take on various forms according to the instructor or the discipline. For ENG 112 the annotated bibliography consists of summaries of each of your sources for the Final Research Project. A summary (annotation) is a brief yet accurate representation of the author’s main idea (thesis) and his or her key supporting ideas.

The bulk of the summary needs to be in your own words, but if you use key words or phrases from the original article, you should put these in quotation marks. A summary must be objective: your opinion about the essay is irrelevant and should not be discussed in the summary. The only subjective (opinion) element of this assignment is the part where you briefly discuss one thing you learned from the article you summarized.


  • Once you’ve decided on the story on which you will focus the research essay, you need to begin your research.
  • Although you need at least four sources for the final essay, you only need to summarize three of these sources for the Annotated Bibliography.
  • The sources can deal with criticism, analysis, or commentary. Sometimes biographical sources related to the author can be useful.
  • The content of each annotation must include:
    1. Full MLA bibliographic citation for each source
    2. Summary of author’s main idea and key supporting points
    3. Discussion of one thing you learned from the article
  • Each annotation should be at least 10 lines, single-spaced.
  • You will be using the results of your research to develop a researched literature essay that will be due along with this annotated bibliography at the end of the semester.
  • You must have at least 3 summaries in your annotated bibliography


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